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5 Causes of Basement Moisture

Updated: Jul 25

Many building structures today are susceptible to damage and decay, with basement moisture being one of the most prominent.

Basement moisture is not an uncommon problem. However, as common as it may be, moisture in your basement is bad news, from a bit of moisture to an extensive toxic mold that can lead to structural damage and health hazards.

Basement moisture can cause a big issue in your home, and it is essential to understand the causes. Here are some of them.

An interior water leak

A water leak can come from numerous places; a shower, a sink, a toilet, or a washing machine.

Basement moisture can also accumulate inside the walls and ceilings of bathroom and kitchen areas. An interior water leak is often to blame for this.

To fix it, you must find where the moisture is located and find a plumber to take care of it for you.

Ineffective Grading

Rain or groundwater can find its way into the basement due to poor grading.

The ground of the foundation of your house must slope away from the house and not towards it. If it's draining in the wrong direction, water will accumulate against your foundation and eventually make its way into the house.

To fix this, build up dirt around your foundation creating a slope aiming away from your house.

Poor Drain Tile or Missing Pit

Most houses do not have a subsurface drainage system. Houses with poor drainage systems often have problems with clogged pipes or broken sump pumps.

To fix this, you have to dig up your floor and put in a draining system which will suck up the moisture.


Basement condensation happens during warm weather when humid air comes in contact with your cool basement wall and floor.

You are lucky if the moisture in your basement is from condensation and not from the poor drainage system.

To fix this, you have to check your dryer's exhaust and drain the central air conditioner. Ensure they are not clogged and flowing properly

Crack In Your Foundation

If there are cracks in your foundation, you can be sure to find water inside your basement.

Water can also cause a crack in your foundation due to poor soil drainage. To fix this, you have to repair the cracks in your foundation.

If structural problems caused the cracks, proper footing and connection should be installed to seal the gaps.

If you see signs of moisture in the basement, do not wait to do something about it. The longer the problem persists, the bigger and more expensive the repair will be. Request an estimate to get your basement water-proofed today.

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