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Essential Things You Need to Know About Basement Crack Repair

Basement foundation walls support the weight of your home and prevent water seepage. Hence, they are crucial to your home's structural integrity, helping keep your property and family safe.

When you notice a crack along your basement walls, you must jump into action immediately by calling 800-294-4067 to prevent the damage from worsening. We are licensed, insured, and the leading basement repair experts in Indiana and Michigan.

This post will examine the causes of basement cracks, their types, and what to expect during the repair process.

What causes basement cracks?

Here are some of the causes of basement cracks:

  • Poor soil condition

  • Improper grading

  • Structural defect

  • Plumbing leaks

  • Excessive flooding around the basement walls

  • Cracks on the basement walls

  • Tree roots

  • Poor construction

Types of basement cracks

Shrinkage cracks

Shrinkage cracks tend to occur a few months after the pouring of the foundation. They appear as the concrete foundation cures, dries out, and loses moisture.

Shrinkage cracks are vertical, don't change in size, and are not often a cause for concern. However, check them from time to time and call in an expert when you notice any changes.

Horizontal cracks

Horizontal cracks are serious signs of trouble. They often result from the high hydrostatic pressure against your foundation walls.

Horizontal cracks can also be caused when the soil on the exterior pushes against the wall, causing it to bow inwards. As soon as you notice a horizontal crack forming on your foundation walls, call an expert immediately.

Stair-step cracks

Stair-step cracks are often seen in block foundations, appearing in horizontal and vertical patterns like the side view of a staircase.

They can result from moisture or the sinking or settlement of foundation walls. While cracks often appear along the mortar joint, you can also see them in other areas.

Hairline cracks

These are the most common basement cracks and often don't pose serious risks. As with shrinkage cracks, they are caused when your new foundation dries out. However, you should repair them as soon as they occur so they don't widen and pose a severe threat.

Vertical cracks

Vertical cracks are one of the most common basement cracks. They are easy to identify; you'd see them running up to down along the foundation's walls. The settlement of the foundation walls causes vertical cracks.

Basement crack repair process

Our experts will perform an on-site inspection, looking for signs such as cracks, bowing walls, settling foundations, buckling walls, and so on. After assessing the damage's location, cause, and extent, we'll create a report that includes our repair recommendation.

Finally, we'll begin the repair process to restore the structural integrity of your basement walls so you can finally have the peace of mind that your home is safe for you and your loved ones.

Expert Basement. Expert Solutions

When you contact us to repair your basement cracks, expect nothing less than the best repair solutions and services. We are the leading basement waterproofer in Indiana and Michigan, providing top-quality solutions that keep our clients safe. Request a FREE INSPECTION now.

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