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How Water Can Ruin Your Foundation

The foundation is a critical component that supports your home, resists earth movement, insulates the home from cold, and keeps moisture out.

However, the foundation weakens and is severely compromised when water from rain, melting snow, landscaping, broken pipes, and clogged gutter pools around the home. Here are the main ways water can ruin your home's foundation.

Hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is referred to as the force water exerts on or against a surface. When water, whether from landscaping or rain, pools around the home, it pushes against your home's foundation. The result is often dangerous as the foundation walls can crack and bend, causing water entry into the home.

Soil erosion

Water can slowly wash away the soil that reinforces the foundation and keeps it intact. With the erosion of the soil, foundation settlement occurs, which compromises the structure of your home.

Unfortunately, most homeowners ignore the sign of a foundation issue until the damage becomes severe. If you notice that your floors are uneven, doors and windows no longer close properly, drywalls are cracking, or the chimney is tilting, contact a foundation repair expert immediately.

Expansive soil

An expansive soil contains minerals capable of absorbing water and is usually everywhere in the US. As an expansive soil absorbs more water, it increases in volume, causing it to press against the foundation.

This pressure results in wall and floor fractures. Also, as the water dries up, the soil shrinks. The continuous cycle of expansion and contraction weakens the homes gradually until the damage becomes severe.

How do I know water has damaged my foundation?

You'll know water has damaged your foundation if you notice signs such as:

  • Foundation and wall cracks

  • Uneven floors

  • Leaks

  • Cracked basement walls

  • Basement flooding

  • Door and window alignment issues

  • Drywall cracks

  • Concrete floor cracks

  • Mold or rotting wood

How do I fix damages to my foundation?

First, you must take care of the root cause by finding and fixing the water source to ensure water can no longer pool around your foundation. Depending on the source, you may need to clean your gutters, make sure the ground slopes away from your home, extend your downspout, or install a sump pump to drain water away.

Next, you have to repair the damages. Whether it's a seemingly harmless crack on the basement wall or a sinking foundation, it's crucial to make repairs using established and tested methods to correct the issue and ensure the structure of your home isn't compromised.

Should I hire a foundation repair expert?

It may seem like you can handle 'small' issues yourself. However, the problem may be more severe than it looks. You risk putting your home and family in danger if you attempt fixing it yourself.

A foundation repair expert can perform a thorough on-site inspection, find and fix the water source, and make long-lasting repairs to your foundation. But the earlier, the better. So when you notice signs of foundation water damage, contact us immediately to inspect and recommend the appropriate solution.

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