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Outdoor Tips to Keep Water Out of Your Basement

You’ve discovered water in the basement, and not for the first time.

But how did it get there, and what can you do to stop it once and for all? Here are some outdoor tips to keep water out of your basement.

Keep gutters clean

Leaves, twigs, tree branches, and other debris can clog your gutter. And when rain falls, the water will have nowhere to go, causing overflow and pooling on the ground below next to your foundation.

To prevent gutter blockage, clean your gutter twice a year. You can also install a gutter guard or other shield to keep your gutter free of debris.

Extend downspouts away from the foundation

When water lands on your roof, the gutter channels it into the downspout to areas outside your home. A short downspout means water will soak into the areas around your home’s foundation and find its way into the basement.

Extending the downspout ensures water is appropriately channeled away from the foundation and your basement.

Ensure proper sloping of the ground next to your home

Rather than directing water away from your home, a ground that slopes toward your home will do the exact opposite. Improper grading causes pooling of water around the foundation and basement water issues. For proper drainage, make sure the ground slopes away from the house.

Install a sump system or extend the discharge

Does rainwater soak your lawn after heavy rain? That’s most probably the cause of the wet basement. Installing a sump pump can help drain water away.

Have a sump system but still experiencing a flooded basement? The sump may be discharging water right next to your house. Extending the sump pump outflow by 10 to 15 ft will keep water out of your basement.

Ensure proper landscaping techniques

Implementing landscaping techniques can help beautify the home, among other benefits. However, they can lead to basement water issues if done wrongly. Mulching, for instance, can help hold rainwater.

Mulching less than six inches near your foundation could be a problem. Also, planting beds too close to your house draws water to the foundation.

Not sure how to keep water out of your basement? A basement waterproofing expert will be able to help. We are Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan’s leading basement waterproofers and are dedicated to keeping your basement water-free. Need to ask a question or two? Reach out to us today!

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